Worms Defense2

Worms Defense2
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- Appearance of insects with special ability such as water, fire, darkness attribute, physical defense, and so on.
- 20 maps in total (16 defense modes + 4 arcade modes)
- 11 applicable towers and objectives in total
(The tower is changed into much stronger feature if it reaches more than the 4th level.)
(The attribute are given even to attack of towers.)
- There are powerful special skills that make the game more interesting.
- You can enjoy a defense and an arcade game at the same time.
(A defense mode, arcade mode)

. Tower Explanation

Crossbow Tower: It shoots a crossbow as a most basic tower.
(It is possible to attack on the ground and in the air)(Physical attack)

Vulcan Tower: It attacks an enemy with a Vulcan cannon with powerful and fast speed.
(It is possible to attack on the ground and in the air)(Physical attack)
SSM (a surface to surface missile): It launches a missile for long-distance ground attack.
(Physical attack)
Ice Tower: It makes the movement speed of its enemy decreased with ice attack.
(Attack of water attributes)

Fire Tower: It attacks 2 or three targets at the same time by shooting fire at a time.
(Attack of fire attributes)(Attack of fire attributes)

Electricity Tower: It makes the movement stopped for a moment as it attacks all the enemies
within a certain range to hitch stun.
The stun probability increases if the level goes up.
(It is possible to attack all on the ground and in the air.)
(Attack of light attributes)

Flame Thrower: many enemies by shooting powerful flame to the frontlines
(Only for ground attack)(Attack of fire attributes)

SAM (antiaircraft missile): It touches off an antiaircraft missile to an enemy in the air.
It is possible to attack three targets to the maximum at a time.
(Only for the air)( Physical attack).
Laser beam: It attacks the enemy by shooting laser beams.
(Attackable all on the ground and in the air)(Attack of light attributes)

Farm: It increases money whenever a turn is done.
The higher the level goes up, the more the amount is increased.

Landmine: It explodes when inserts step on it if it is installed on the road.
The range is increased when the level goes up.
(Physical attack)

What's New in Version 1.01

Fixed bugs


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