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Nosh–Me !

With this app you will have fun. And you cant lose anything besides a few pounds - and all at the cost of a Hamburger with fries !

Sounds like the dream of millions of people who feel uncomfortable with their weight and “silhouette”, but don’t know how to get rid of the unwanted pounds.
Recent serious scientific studies have proven that brain influences the feeling of hunger and satiety a lot. And they showed that the so-called PLACEBO effect works also in this eating-context same as it works in a lot of other medicine disciplines. For example the study Episodic Memory and Appetite Regulation in Humans at the University of Bristol, United Kingdom showed this effect so clear. More details about the scientific background can be found on our website

This app takes use of these consolidated scientific findings and transfers them to the mobile device approach as the mobile is with you most of the time. It is the first APP worldwide implementing this innovative approach !
The target of this app is not to stop eating – not at all ! This apps focuses on substitution of snacks “in between” the real meals, where most people feel a little bit hungry and which leads to a quick eating of “something”. And often this “something” is not a healthy food – it is sweet and full of calories… So for all people who want to reduce their daily calorie reception - this app gives a chance for a perfect solution: This app helps the brain to feel like eating something and the “small hunger in between” will quickly disappear. And no unnecessary calories enter the body – which otherwise would have to be worked out with a lot of sweating.
Let it work for you – the same as it worked for a lot of others in same way !
Never before it was so easy to control or even to lose weight !
Please provide us your feedback of success on our website and share with other fellows !

What's New in Version 1.1

Optimized in Details and added support for AirPlay !


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