Truck in the maze of the city

Truck in the maze of the city
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Hi! I’m BOSS – owner of a hugest wholesale base. I offer you to work for me as a drive of truck.
Your main task is to drive among werehouses, pack boxes with products and get them to my base.
If you navigate well in the maze of the city, know traffic regulations, friendly with math, than we will work great together.
Before start you should get the map of the route. Make optimal way from wholesale to werehouse. Revert on the base after the full load.
Be attentive! Follow the traffic regulations.
Follow the road regulations! If you violate a regulation the police will start chasing you. If you exceeded the speed limit or drive a red light the police will start chasing you immediately.
If the police catch you, you must pay the fine.
If you run away the police you may pay the fine in our bank. We care about our employees, so some part of the fine will compensated by the bank.
If you complete the task without violation you will get a bonus.
Your truck spends a fuel. Don’t forget to refuel on the petrol station. If you run out of fuel you won’t complete the task and be feared immediately.
Try to complete the task in the limited time. If time runs out and you don’t to get back on time you will fall and be fired immediately.
If you complete the task you will get bonus for the retime: compensation of fuel and victory points.
Your victory points get to the score board. You always can see your score in a menu of a game. Get better and be the first.
Attentively pack the boxes! Click on the product to put the products into the box.
Briefing is over! Good luck on the way!


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