Big Trophy Deer Hunter Challenge - A Real Jungle Hunting Escape to Out Run Bears Duck & The Evil Battle Buck - Free Shooter Game !

Big Trophy Deer Hunter Challenge - A Real Jungle Hunting Escape to Out Run Bears Duck & The Evil Battle Buck - Free Shooter Game !
  • Publisher: ChaseNet Inc
  • Genre: Music
  • Released: 23 Nov, 2013
  • Size: 25.1 MB
  • Price: FREE!
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Outrageous deer hunting adventure!

It's hunting season, so grab your rifle and get ready to hunt some buck!
Big Trophy Deer Hunter is a fun and challenging hunting game. You are Big Buck Chuck and you didn't get that name by shooting small deer or doe. You go after the big boys, the trophy deer.

Chuck was hired by the land owner because the deer are fighting back. They stole the farmer guns. And now the hunters have become the hunted. The deer are shooting back and the only hunter who can stop them is you.

Along the way you will likely be confronted by wild turkey, big bears and crazy ducks. Shoot as many as you can and watch out for the dangerous bear traps that the farmer planted in the forest.

Try to collect as many chicken legs as you can. These rewards can be used to unlock cool, new characters in the game. Characters like, Briar Bush Chub (he is as crazy as they come, the tougher the terrain the better). Shotgun Grace is the loving Granny who shots first and asks questions later. There's Bow Hunter Barb who never misses with her cross bow. Plus, funny, little Woody Rabbit who hops his way around the forest looking for food.

This game is great for all ages and it's super fun and entertaining. Download it now and get your hunt on!
Here's how the game works:

- Gameplay is simple and becomes more challenging as you get deeper into your hunt

- Touch the left side of the screen to jump obstacles and the right side to shoot your rifle

- Collect the all the chicken legs to unlock more cool characters

- The longer you play, the faster the game moves. Each time you play Big Trophy Deer Hunter it changes so you never play the same game twice

- Gamecenter Leaderboards let you see how your score compared to other players by how long you're able to survive and collect rewards

- Challenge your friends to beat your score!

-DISCLAIMER FOR KIDS MODE IN APP PURCHASE FEATURE- Kids mode is an In App Purchase feature within the game that allows the user to have unlimited health. Also this feature disables the ability for the character to collect in game coins and the ability to shoot down obstacles within the game. The purpose of this feature is to allow the user and/or kids for that matter to be able to play the game for an extended period of time without being hit by any in game obstacle. The user will also have the option to turn KIDS MODE OFF as well.



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