The Tuesday Best of - Mobile MOBAs

By , on January 17, 2017
Last modified 2 years, 2 months ago

In this week’s Tuesday Best of I thought we’d have a good look at the best MOBAs on mobile. Mainly because we’re doing a week of content on the latest game in that particular genre, Star Wars: Force Arena.

That one hasn’t quite done enough to make it onto this list, at least not yet. It might do in the long run, so we might have to come back to this list at some point in the future.

But right now these three are the gems in the mobile MOBA crown. They’re all free as well, so if you fancy a crack at any of them it’s not going to cost you anything to do just that.

Clash Royale

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This one is definitely closer to the mobile end of the mobile MOBA spectrum. But it’s also the biggest hit on the list. And I do mean it’s a massive hit. It’s a huge hit. It’s the biggest hit since hits began.

It doesn’t have the hero characters that are the hallmark of the MOBA genre, but everything else is in place. Towers, units, swearing at the top of your voice when you lose a game at the last second.

This is a brilliantly shrunk down experience and it’s an incredible amount of fun. Just be aware that when it gets its claws into you, they’re going to sink deep into your horribly vulnerable flesh.

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Call of Champions

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Another distillation of the MOBA form, this time a little closer to the original idea but still with plenty going on to keep your face fixed in a smile.

The ebb and flow of the game is represented by a ball that you can push along rows. It’s a great idea, and it means you can usually figure out who’s on top at any particular time.

Throw some friends into the mix and you’ll find yourself having the sort of experience that many think you can’t get on mobile. They’re wrong, grab Call of Champions and show them they’re idiots.

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Fates Forever

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Yes, I’m being controversial here, but I honestly think of the more traditional MOBAs available on the App Store, this one takes the biscuit. The lovely, lovely biscuit.

There’s still streamlining here, but the experience is still a wonderful, deep, and incredibly engaging one.

It’s chaos and ridiculous and it looks lovely even now. If you’ve been burned by the over complexity of Vainglory then it’s worth jumping into Fates Forever and giving mobile MOBAs another go.

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