These are definitely the 5 best zombie games for mobile

By , on August 1, 2018

Like it or not, the undead are everywhere. Not literally, because that would be absolutely terrifying. But if you pick up any sort of pop-culture entertainment nowadays, chances are it's going to have zombies in it one way or another. And the same is true on the App Store too.

In fact the App Store might have more zombies-per-unit (ZPU, the standard zombie counting algorithm) than anywhere else. So we thought it was high-time to take a look at all those flesh-craving monsters and decide which five mobile games featuring the undead are the best. It's these five. So there you go.

Death Road to Canada - download for iOS

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A ridiculous road trip that sees you piling in a car and trying to escape the zombie apocalypse. Surprisingly enough, that's much harder than you might expect. You'll die, your travelling companions will die, you'll run out of food, you'll kill your travelling companions. I think you can get a dog too. While its tongue might be firmly in its rotten cheek, there's challenge-a-plenty in this one.

The Walking Dead: The Game - download for iOS

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If Death Road to Canada has its tongue in its cheek, this adventure from Telltale has its tongue wherever the opposite of that is. To be honest, I don't want to think about what that would entail. Anyway, it's moving, heart-wrenching, and packed to the gills with the sort of decisions you probably would have to make during a zombie outbreak. Get ready to cry, fret, and soil yourself in equal measures.

Into the Dead 2 - download for iOS

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Where the other games on this list so far have required plenty of of description, you can explain what to expect in Into the Dead 2 in a few words. Namely the words "Zombies! Leg it!" Because that's what you do, sprinting through shadowy woods and fields, waving a chainsaw around, and hoping you don't run out of gas before you get to where you need to go.

Dead Venture - download for iOS

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Ah, finally, a little bit of colour in this post-apocalyptic feast of rotting carcasses. Dead Venture is all about driving a car around and killing as many zombies as possible. Die, upgrade your vehicle, and pop out to flatten some more of the brain-munchers. It's stupid fun, but it's really well put together, and pretty damn hard to put down.

Unkilled - download for iOS

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Most of the other games on this list are about cowering in a corner. Unkilled is all about finding a rocket launcher in that corner and slaughtering everything that moves with it. It's a gory, blood-soaked FPS, and while it might have a few niggles here and there it's definitely going to sate your bloodlust. You maniac.