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The Question

By , on August 5, 2013
Last modified 5 years, 2 months ago

Hello there loyal Appspy readers! Well, it looks like ‘The Question’ was a rousing success, so for the foreseeable future, we shall continue this segment here on the site.

Our first question was a little broad, so I thought that this week we’d get more specific. Mobile gaming has really come into its own and changed the scope of the entire industry since the release of the iPhone (and especially since the release of the iPad). That being said, there are still those that refuse to accept iOS as a gaming platform. In a lot of cases, the criticism is valid, what with an over reliance on PC and console ports as flagship releases, as well as the problems developers still have in designing for a touch pad. Still, no system is perfect, and while the iOS is still in its infancy, there have been many games that not only define the system, but showcase its strengths (many of them were mentioned last week).

So the question this week is this: what excites you about the iOS as a platform?

Like last week, I will be looking forward to reading your responses and any discussion that results, and will answer the question myself come Friday.

Let the questioning commence!


Jastootie 5 years, 2 months ago

the portability of the platform

Omnias 5 years, 2 months ago

The maturing of the platform towards AAA and 3D games, with big name and indie devs alike releasing fantastic games.

WavingPeople 5 years, 2 months ago

Most exciting thing has to simply be the portability of the devices. It's great to be able to pull out your iPod and getting lost venturing as a Knight of Pen and Paper. The games keep me constantly entertained and inspired.

The speed at which a game boots up is also a plus for me. When I'm lying in bed, not being able to catch a shut eye, I just boot up my half-finished Bastion port or continue my Gesundheit story. It's quick and it's convenient.

Last but not least, is the creativity involved in making a game that's not only simple and fun, but innovative.

DarkScience 5 years, 2 months ago

For me the main draw and excitement is the availability of new games, weekly! I used to have a PSP and then a PSP-go which I loved, but getting new games was expensive and there were not many new releases to get excited about. But the games were pretty good.

I see games on the IOS in 2 sections - quick-to-load time killers when your traveling / waiting / etc and you have more in depth 'sit down for an hour or so' kind of games. Now I am writing this - did I have this on the PSP already with the 'minis' games that were downloadable - perhaps, but there was only a fraction of developers making them, and they were certainly not as innovative as productions on IOS.

Now with the IOS I have this fantastic little site telling me whats coming out and when, I have apps notifying me of price drops on games i'm watching, and I can pick up great games for as little as 69p. Its all just so accessible. As some one else said, your never without your phone right!

Im also pretty excited about the quality of games coming out at the moment, I have Starwars KOTOR, perfect port of the classic game, and I am sure there will be more great ports (Battle Front 2 please!!!) Deus Ex and Xcom - these are all serious games - I just don't see how some people cant see how the IOS is going from strength to strength.

TheAspieFox 5 years, 2 months ago

I too am hoping for Battlefront! That and Rogue Squadron III, or Episode 1: Racer.

DarkScience 5 years, 2 months ago

I know dude ! Think we have similar tastes!! I recently upgraded from my 16gb ipad (which now lives in my idj pro!) and got a nice black mini at 64gb - LOVE it!!

Back on subject: Not only can it hold tonnes of games, it sits so nicely in the hand because its so light, making it perfect for gaming. I mean compare the size of the screen to the PSP's ???!!!??

Not only does it play games it does tonnes of other stuff too, I have vector drawing iDraw on there that I use for work and pleasure, photo touch up apps for making wall art, SWIPE mag (which is great) to keep me clued up on the latest news, there is also email, Sky tv...... I mean the list goes on!! thats got to be another great feature of IOS - its so multifunctional !!

TheAspieFox 5 years, 2 months ago

What excites me about the iOS platform, more than obviously, is the mobility of the system, fitted in well with the large special capacity of the system itself. A secondary thing that excites me is creativity amongst indie game developers, and those who develop control schemes or gestures for their games.

So far, we've seen virtual D-pads, virtual buttons, virtual joysticks, swiping, tapping, shape-drawing, multi-touch dragging, tap-and-drag, tilt-to-move, accelerometer, and now (with The Drowning) the "two-fingers-to-shoot" scheme.

As far as the creativity of games themselves, we have a plethora of titles ranging from Bastion, Fruit Ninja, and LEGO Harry Potter 2, to games like the ported Knights of the Old Republic (Star Wars), Touchgrind, Paper Monsters, and Gesundheit.

And, saving the best for last, I mentioned the mobility and spacial capacity of the iOS platform (at least for mobile devices). I think that Apple's iPhone and iPad is a system that has prior been unprecedented in its potential. Never before, in my life, could I turn on a console anywhere, simply tap the icon (file) of a game of my choosing, amongst MANY games, and have the game up and ready to go in a matter of seconds. My iPad has 16GB (technically 14.1 GB because of the initial OS taking up some space of its own).. That's "16"GB of potential gaming that I could have all in the palm of my hand, or in the grip of my hands for iPad. xD
But really. It's so exciting and convenient to have many major titles, as I'll list some of the ones that are actually on my iPad, at the tap of a finger.
Star Wars: KOTOR, Subway Surfers, Clash of Clans, Knights of Pen and Paper, Frozen Synapse, Random Heroes, PuzzleQuest, Avernum 6, Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders, Block Fortress, GTA: Chinatown Wars, Superbrothers: Sword&Sworcery, XMen, Penumbear, LEGO Harry Potter, Command and Conquer: Red Alert, Sonic Spinball, Flashout 3D... All of these and more... There's so much to do on such a portable device, and I don't have to put in a single disk or cartridge. Of course, I do still play my PSP, PS2, and (original) Xbox, but the iPad has become my main gaming "console".

For the future, iOS has a lot of potential. With everything it's brought to the gaming table, it's going to become, if it hasn't already, a huge contender alongside the Next-Gen consoles.

Jonman 5 years, 2 months ago

what excites me the most about this are the ports, not only do they port the whole game. but most of the time they port them perfectly and i cant wait for what the future holds... maybe nintendo will be on ios soon?

SqFKYo 5 years, 2 months ago

It has to be the constant availabilty. I do own a mobile gaming device, but I haven't turned it on for years, since I always forget it home. I can't really forget my phone, so it has become my primary mobile gaming platform.

Allerdyce 5 years, 2 months ago

For me, it's all about innovation, creativity and simplicity.
Who would have ever suspected a touch-screen based platform could be home to so many well-thought-out concepts? Sure, there are many re-rererehashes of winning formulas (3 star puzzle games, endless runners, etc) but if you take a minute to look at the great ideas behind some of these REALLY entertaining games.. It blows my mindhole.

I don't necessarily play/consume all these innovative games/apps, but I am watching and I'm still amazed at the progress of the platform as a whole. And evolution excites me. ^^