A big adventure - AppSpy's Sunday Service

By , on May 17, 2015

It's AppSpy's Sunday Service, where we serve up 5 big stories, a game recommendation from the team, and what we'll be up to over the weekend, for you to peruse over your morning herbal tea.

The Big Stories

1. Heroes and Castles 2 is dividing the Internet: is it a brilliant action RPG with tower defence elements, or just a mediocre one?

2. Currently in development, Starseed is shaping up to be a smashing little retro shmup.

3. Beast Quest is now out, and it's pretty darn good!

4. If you're looking for a mobile version of Castlevania then Sword of Xolan might have you covered.


AppSpy Recommends

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Relentless, unforgiving, and completely essential: Legend of Grimrock is a hardcore game for gardcore gamers that remember when entering a dungeon meant you brought a pen and paper with you.

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How we spent our weekend

James: Organising my collection of body scrubs in order of aroma (from fruit to musk), and polishing my accordian.

Peter: Getting a swish new office chair, doing a family thing, playing more Project CARS, and putting together a design document for Slappy Fox.

Danny: Going to eat chicken and watch Fury Road with pals. Then tidy up my flat FOR REALS. Maybe.

Glen: I'm visiting family and trying to resist buying a Nexus 9. Must. Not. Buy. Nexus. 9.

Harry: Playing a gig with Funeral for a Friend on Saturday, and making awful, life changing decisions that'll get me in appalling amounts of trouble.

Mark: I might go on a boat.


Alex_Gol 3 years, 10 months ago

I thought Slappy Fox was joke.. ah.