Friday News Wrap-Up 1 June 2012

By , on June 1, 2012

For those who missed out on the messages on our Twitter and YouTube channel, there was a bit of a scare at the office yesterday as our main work PC developed a rather nasty bug. Thankfully everything was recovered and we're back in business today, so lets hop in to the Friday News Wrap-Up for the 1st of June, 2012.

Squids Wild West - Launching this Summer

Squids is a hard game to describe - part physics puzzler, part turn-based tactical shooter, and part RPG, it ticks all of the boxes to make it fun and seriously addictive. Oh and did I mention there's plenty of hats? The upcoming sequel 'Squids Wild West' is shootin' to release this Summer and those who own the original can download a 3-level example of what to expect right now. The only question on our lips is whether Wild West takes things a step forward, or simply reskins the already amazing original.

The Other Brothers - First look (Alpha Build)

We previously covered the upcoming title 'The Other Brothers' on our Wrap-Up and the developer, Tobgame, has finally released an early peek at what we can expect. So far the gameplay looks very rough, sticking to the very basics of platforming, but it does give a good glimpse of how the game looks in action. There's no information on its release date as yet and reports of previous collaborator dotBunny attempting to block its distribution are so far unfounded.

Granny Smith - 'Sprinkle' Developer Mediocre's New Title

The news of Swedish developer Mediocre working on a new title is enough to get me excited - their previous release 'Sprinkle' was simply incredible, using detailed fluid physics to solve various puzzles. The company has turned their attention to something quite different however, with Granny Smith following a rollerskating granny attempting to collect apples before the thief does. Featuring 80 levels across four themed worlds, the game is packed with interesting features including a replay system to see if you can improve on your times. Granny Smith is expected to hit the App Store during August.

Pick of the Week: Air Mail (N-Fusion Interactive Chillingo) $4.99 Univ.

Honestly, if there's any game that deserves credit over the last week, it's N-Fusion and Chillingo's wonderfully casual flying title, Air Mail. Playing as Scoop is an absolute doddle thanks to the tilt and touch controls, but each level is packed with secrets, making it more about exploration than fancy-flying. Still, if you want a challenge you can always switch on an 'advanced' mode, unlocking the ability to pull off all new stunts in the process. Air Mil is a joy to play and a great pick up for fans of games like Pilotwings.

Apologies for the brief Wrap-Up - as you can imagine with the aforementioned computer problems we're short on time today, but we'll be back on Monday with plenty of reviews to keep you up to date with what's on the App Store. To make sure you're not left behind, subscribe to our channel or hit us up on Facebook or Twitter. Have a great weekend!

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