Heroes' Call Undergoes an Update

By , on August 28, 2012

Some of you may remember our review of Heroes' Call. In summary it's a decent enough hack and slash RPG that was dragged down by designing its systems around the worst aspects of the freemium model. Since then based on reviews and user feedback, the dev team has been working to fix some of these issues, and we're happy to advertise that their first update has hit the app store. Here are the changes...

  • * The in-app purchase currency of gems has been removed entirely (and any gems held by players have now been turned into gold).
  • * The shadow assassin class has become playable for all.
  • * Hard Mode characters available.
  • * Replaying missions warrants more gold and better gear.
  • * Story missions play out in a more linear fashion.

This is a great first update. It's good to see a team work at making their game more playable and enjoyable for the user. If the freemium model was the only thing stopping you from giving this a try, there's no reason not to take the plunge now (especially if future updates continue in this direction).