Ivy the Kiwi? makes it to iOS

By , on October 11, 2012

Ivy the Kiwi?, Yuji Naka's impressive vine swinging platformer, has finally made its way on to the App Store, bringing with it all of the former head of Sonic Team's design nous and charm.

The game is all about guiding a stranded, flightless Kiwi through 50 levels, with the ultimate goal of reuniting her with her mother. Ivy's too young to jump or fly though, so you need to help her by pulling vines down for her to swing on.

Highly praised when it first came out on Windows Phone, and when it was released on the Nintendo DS, the game is perfectly at home on touchscreen devices, and is a must buy for anyone with a penchant for platforming fun.

Best of all, it's launched at a discounted price of just $2.99. We suggest you snap it up fast before it goes back up to its regular price of $4.99.