There are 'no current plans' to bring Dynasty Warriors Blast to the West

By , on July 15, 2014

After yesterday's news that Dynasty Warriors Blast would be heading to Japanese iOS and Android devices this month, we got in touch with Koei Tecmo to confirm a Western release date.

Dynasty Warriors fans may want to look away at this point. Or maybe just ensure nothing of value is on the table you're about to flip over.

To quote a representative of the company: "there are no current plans to release Musou Blast to the Western territories".

The news is a little disappointing for Musou / Dynasty Warriors fans, but we're not hugely surprised. Previous mobile Musou game Dynasty Warriors Slash is yet to hit our shores, and most of Koei Tecmo's mobile catalogue is absent outside of Japan.

However, it should be noted that the rep we spoke with specifically said that there aren't any "current" plans, which means that a release in Western territories isn't completely ruled out. Never say never, and all that.

Do you think this mobile edition of Dynasty Warriors should come to Europe, America, Oceania and beyond?