Karate Champ Review

By , on May 24, 2010

Karate Champ
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4 out of 5


  • Classic dual-analogue gameplay.
  • All arcade features kept in-tact.
  • Two-player versus mode.


  • Extremely hard to master.


If you don't remember playing Karate Champ at the arcade you may have tried it or the many clones that came on various consoles, so you can almost guarantee some nostalgic value at this excellent arcade port for your iDevice.

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It's hard not to recognize Karate Champ in one way or another, especially as it heralded the beginning of a new genre of games by being one of the first side-on fighters for the arcade. Revolutionary Concepts has brought a full adaption of the classic arcade title to the iPhone for players to once again re-live the glory days of a fighter that required true skill to master.

In keeping with the original arcade title, players are given two virtual arcade sticks at the bottom of a portrait layout. This can feel awkward at first, but a practice mode along with a move sheet is available to start mastering Karate Champ's gameplay. Players will need to master reading their opponent and counter their attacks with an appropriate low, mid or high attack in order to survive the harder levels.

Karate Champ is no certainly no skip through a field of flowers and new-comers will be quickly learn that despite the game's dated look there's a lot of strategy involved in winning fights. There are no continues to help you out, making later levels truly nail biting to complete. Two player combat is available via Bluetooth and Wifi and minor visual tweaks can give the game a classic scan-line look or even zoom in on the fighters.

This is definitely a title for old school gamers, but casual gamers might enjoy the somewhat zen style of fighting that requires more than just smashing buttons repeatedly. A classic treat well executed for any iDevice.


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