Zombie Highway Review

By , on August 31, 2010

Zombie Highway
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4 out of 5


  • Unique endless gameplay.
  • Unlockable weapons and various zombies to conquer.
  • Easy to use control system.


  • Only Facebook/Twitter integration for scores.


Zombie Highway is a surprisingly challenging and unique endless title, but without more updates it feels a bit light on the content.

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Zombie Highway by Renderpaz is an endless arcade title of sorts that packs an interesting twist. Instead of merely dodging traps and enemies you'll have to weave your way down an endless highway littered with debris, scraping zombies off the sides of your vehicle as they jump on.

It's the combination and balance of the game's mechanics that make this a deceptively simple game. While it's easy enough to dodge debris, you'll have to purposefully tilt your way against them to deal damage to zombies that have latched on. This becomes a harder task when heavier zombies start to rock your vehicle in order to tip it over. Thankfully weapons are also at your disposal, but regenerating zombies eventually start to enter the mix and require serious dedication to peel off.

There's only one environment to travel down and the dusty desert road at high-noon provides a great desolate backdrop for the zombie themed game. Powerful weapons are unlocked as you complete the requirements set for them, making it easier to reach higher scores, but once you've unlocked them all there's a lot less incentive to keep playing.

Despite this, Zombie Highway is still an amazingly crafted idea that requires sharp reflexes and a presence of mind to help you survive as long as possible. Definitely worth grabbing if you're after a clever new endless title.


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