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By , on March 16, 2011

Twinflix 2
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3 out of 5


  • Dynamic online matches; pairs you with new players constantly.
  • 91 additional offline challenges as well as an AI controlled opponent.
  • Simple, bright visuals.


  • Controls don't follow usual conventions; no auto-scrolling on hold and multiple rotation buttons - limits the speed of your actions.
  • No direct matching system; unable to play directly with friends.


Twinflix delivers a simple, but effective online variant of Tetris, but it looses a lot of appeal when the challenge is taken offline.

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Twinflix: The Falling Blocks Puzzle by Franco Mellerio is exactly what you think it is (another Tetris-like), but instead of focusing on replicating the single-player experience you'll find yourself constantly competing against opponents, be it an AI or another player around the world.

Given the twin-display of the game, you'll be locked in to a portrait layout with the controls arranged in the center along your next block display. Instead of a single rotate button, two directional buttons are given to rotate clockwise or counter-clockwise, though this seems like an unnecessary complication as it only reduces the taps potentially required by one.

While there are 91 offline 'puzzle' levels available for players to complete, the real challenge comes in taking on players around the world in a multiplayer match. If you start a new game while an Internet connection is available you'll be paired up with another player, exchanging blocks as you complete rows until only one person is left standing.

What makes this truly exciting is how you're constantly paired with new players mid-game, exchanging one board for another as you climb the online ranks. Should an opponent be eliminated while you're matched up with them you'll receive a bonus along with lines being removed from your board to keep you in the game longer.

Although it's easy to consider ignoring a game like Twinflix due to its basic Tetris-like gameplay, the multiplayer component is smooth and cleverly implemented in a way that constantly rewards players for their efforts. If you enjoy competitive high-scoring you'll love being able to compete against players in real-time and interacting with multiple people around the world in a single game has an appeal all of its own.


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