App Wrap Up (Tuesday Edition, 7th August, 2012)

By , on August 7, 2012

For those of you who enjoy the App Wrap Up column, there will be one tomorrow as well. There's been a slew of titles, and i learned my lesson the last time i tried to cover them all in one installment. As always, we have not tried the games in question. We are only speculating on them based on their trailers and that it looks like there is something interesting to offer. Without further ado, let's begin.

Getting Buckets (5 Balloons Interactive Inc.)

A basketball themed endless runner where you're collecting buckets. I'm sure there's something i'm missing here, but it's visually pleasing with a host of power ups to keep things interesting. I think it could be worth a play.
[App Store Link]

Crate 360 (Stumpytree LTD)

One of those games where you need to remove items in the stack to get something to the ground safely (in this case, gems). This one has 360 degress of movement however! Sure the visuals are a little simplistic, but if you enjoy this type of game, the extra dimension should add to the experience.
[App Store Link]

Candy Cat (Happy Elements)

What does your cat do when you're not at home? Eat candy. What if your cat is too fat to reach the candy? It used physics to eat the candy. Fun visuals plus simple physics puzzle gameplay should satiate anyone looking for another title in the genre (oversaturated as it may be).
[App Store Link]

Tap & Field (Sunlaris Entertainment)

Get it? I thought i'd throw this in not only cause it's the Olympics at the moment, but cause it reminds me of my youth. I owned Track and Field 2 on the NES, and am all too familiar with athletics games being reduced to button mashing. It does seem to make sense on the iPhone though, so why not give things a go.
[App Store Link]

Retro Decathalon 2012 (Cinemax, s.r.o.)

Speaking of Olypmics games and Track and Field 2, this pixelated throwback uses tapping and swiping to accomplish your tasks. It looks decent enough, but the trailer does show off the iPad, where there's a lot more screen to handle the tapping and swiping. You have to wonder if this hampers the experience on the iPhone.
[App Store Link]

Well that's it for now. Tune in tomorrow, same app time, same app channel (heh, i always wanted to use that for something).