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I use this app before every flight in 428X, and it is AWESOME! It gives me the weight, balance, and exact time and fuel enroute, AND THE BEST ALTITUDE TO FLY based on winds, trip distance, and my plane's performance!

It is the perfect fun little planner, and here is the inside skinny:

X-Planner is a fun and simple little flight-planner that will plot your weight and CG for any flight in a light plane. Lots of pilots take off without checking the weight and balance, and now it is FUN to do this on your iPhone before flight!

As well, you can enter your aircraft climb and cruise performance (only needed once), and the winds (each flight) and your destination (each flight) and X-Planner will give you the estimated time and fuel expense for each altitude from 3,000 to 24,000 feet. (If your plane can go that high).

Despite a reviewer not SEEING it, X-Planner DOES give weight and balance for the entire flight. To see an example of this, look at the bright red line clearly visible in screenshot #3 immediately to the left of this text. The TOP of the line is the weight and CG at the CURRENT fuel load, and the BOTTOM of the line is the weight and CG when all fuel is gone. This clearly shows you the weight and center of gravity for the entire flight. If anyone claims he sees no line, he simply has not entered the weight and balance parameters properly for his plane!

As well, as you can see in screenshot #1 to the left of this text, X-Planner uses an extra-large keyboard to make typing very quick and easy... much more so than the small standard keyboard. Despite a reviewer not being able to figure out the advantage of a BIGGER keyboard, the larger-than-standard keyboard is very nice for quickly entering destinations in bright sun or strong glare or weather... MUCH nicer than a smaller standard one!

As well, the interface is very efficient, with no wasted space at all. As you can see in the screenshots at left, all entries are done with nice BIG buttons to make entry VERY EASY, with the extra space packed with all the cruise, climb, and enroute data to make everything you need to know visible at-a-glance!

As well, despite a reviewer apparently not being able to send and receive email, we DO answer ALL email sent to [email protected], our tech support email address. If you do not see a prompt answer from that email address, then our support department's reply is simply being held by your spam filter, or you did not type '[email protected]' properly!

The interface is big and easy to read, even if some reviewers did not figure out the benefit of a large interface in the field.

The weight and balance line works perfectly, even if some reviewers did not set up their weight and balance limits properly.

We always answer all our emails ([email protected]!), even if some reviewers did not send and receive email properly.

With the extra-large keyboard, extra-large buttons to easily click on, 100% utilized screen-space showing all the data you entered, and easily-visible bright-red center of gravity line, this app is really powerful and easy to use! To fly without it, or something just as good as it, is to fly without knowledge of your best enroute altitude and power setting to minimize time and fuel burn!

I watch people have no idea if they are in weight and balance, and have no idea what altitude to fly, all the time. Now you can be sure of your weight, balance and altitude-selection every flight! If you choose your altitude to minimize fuel-burn, then this app will pay for itself in the first half of the first flight you use it.

What's New in Version 9.551

Total code re-build to run on all operating systems up to and including 4.0!

This enables running in the background if you want to run multiple apps at once!


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