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HuaRongDao is a traditional Chinese puzzle game. It is based on a story from one of the best-known Chinese novels “Romance of the Three Kingdoms”.

At the end of Han Dynasty (around 200 AC), China was divided into three kingdoms: Wei, Shu and Wu. CaoCao, the leader of Wei, wanted to unite China, however, was totally defeated at Red Cliffs (ChiBi) by the allies of Shu and Wu. Only he and other 30 people escaped from HuaRongDao and came back to Wei. At HuaRongDao, CaoCao encountered a general from Shu named GuanYu. Because CaoCao respected GuanYu and treated him well in the old days, GuanYu remembered and spared CaoCao’s life. The biggest tile represents CaoCao and the horizontal tile is named after GuanYu.

This game is a sliding block puzzle also known as Klotski (from Polish klocki -- wooden blocks). It is played on a 5x4 board with 10 pieces of different sizes. The object is to move the biggest piece to the exit, which is the bottom center of the board, in as few moves as possible. The pieces cannot jump, overlap, be removed, nor can they change orientation.

- 13 levels
- Sound effects
- Simple touch controls
- Step counter
- Undo
- Reset level

- Slide to move a tile
- Tap the Step Counter to undo
- Double-tap the biggest tile to reset

What's New in Version 1.0.1

Updated for iPhone OS 2.2.


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