Collection of Prayers

Collection of Prayers
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Prayer or worship is considered to be an integral part of the Hindu way of living. The chanting of mantras is the most popular form of worship in Hinduism. Yoga and meditation are also considered as a form of devotional service towards the Lord.
The Hindu devotional Bhakti movements emphasizes repetitive prayer. Stemming from the universal Soul or Brahman, prayer is focused on the personal forms of God, such as Shiva, Vishnu, or Vishnu's avatars, Rama and Krishna.
Before the process of ritual, before the invoking of different deities for the fulfillment of various needs, came the human aspiration to the highest truth, the foundational monism of Hinduism, pertaining ultimately to the one Brahman. Brahman, which summarily can be called the unknowable, true, infinite and blissful Divine Ground, is the source and being of all existence from which the cosmos springs. This is the essence of the Vedic system. The following prayer was part and parcel of all the Vedic ceremonies and continues to be invoked even today in Hindu temples all over India and other countries around the world, and exemplifies this essence

Table of Contents:

1. Prayer to Lord Ganesh
2. Guru Mantra
3. Prathah Smarna
4. Daily Prayers
- Lighting the Lamp
- While Taking a Bath
- Before Starting Your Studies
- Night Prayer
5. Surya Namaskar
6. Bhojan Mantra
7. Prayers to Gods/Goddeses
- Mother Shakti
- Mother Gauri
- Mother Saraswati
- Ma Lakshmi
- Mother Durga
- Lord Shiva
- Lord Mahavir
- Lord Ganesh
- Lord Subrahmanya
- Lord Vishnu
- Lord Krishna
- Lord Rama
- Lord Hanumaan
8. Gayatri Mantra
9. Peace Invocation
10. Saraswati Prarthana
11. Prayer at Dawn
12. Ishvandana
13. Atheshwar Stuti
14. Deeksha -- Valedictory Address
15. Bharatvarsha
16. Ekta Mantra
17. Sangathan Mantra
18. Prarthna
19. Vande Mataram
20. Subhashitam
21. Aartis and Bhajans
- Mantra Yoga
- Nirvanashtakam
- Bhaj Govindam
22. Selected Bhavgeets and Songs
- Sangh Geet
- Sadhana Ka Path Kathin Hai
- Yeh Kal Kal Chal Chal
- Hindu Bhumi Gaan Se
- Chandan Hai Is Desh Ki Mati
- Hey Sharde Ma
- Hind Desh Ke Nivasi
- Himadri tunga shringa se
- Manushiya Tu Bada Mahana Hai
- Vyakti Vyakti Me Jagyen Hindu Chetna
- Sar Pe Himalaya Ka Chatra Hai
- Ish hame Deta hai Sab Kucha
- Ae Malik Tere Bande Ham
- A Birthday Prayer
- Lokahitam Mama Karaneeyam
- Ham ko man kee shakti dena
- Tumhi ho mata pita tumhi ho

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