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Top HiToRi 2
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If you are a SuDoKu addict you will love Top HiToRi 2.

What is it? A fun, entertaining and highly addictive puzzle game that will challenge and perplex you. As fiendish as Sudoku but with a new twist -- now you must paint out numbers in rows and columns to avoid duplicates!

Like all good puzzles, the rules are simple to learn but the game is difficult to master! Paint out numbers on the that no two numbers repeat on a column or a row. Painted-out (black) cells cannot be connected adjacent. All un-painted squares must be connected, horizontally or vertically, to create a single shape..

Features include:

-Crisp clean graphics.
-Super intuitive easy-to-use interface.
-Get hints when you're stuck.
-Improve your logic skills.
-Full color support.
-Complete user manual.

HiToRi rules

At the beginning, each cell contains a number. The goal is to paint out some cells so that there are no duplicate numbers in any row or column, similar to the solved state of a Sudoku puzzle (except with black squares added to the grid). Painted-out (black) cells cannot be connected orthogonally, and the other cells must be connected orthogonally in a single group. (i.e. no two black squares can be adjacent to each other, and all un-painted squares must be connected, horizontally or vertically, to create a single shape.).

Some boards are large and the squares are sometimes a little small to touch. When you press and hold your finger on the board, you'll see an area below the board we call the magnifying view. If you move your finger on the board you can point the exact board cell, as you lift your finger from the board, the relevant action takes place.

Use the buttons on the upper bar to the left of the game timer, to undo and redo your moves. The button to the right of the timer if your shade/circle tool. Click the button to change between circling a cell (used to mark a cell that cannot be shaded) or shade a cell. The check mark button is used to check if the board is complete and the light bubble button is used to get a hint.

Click the Actions bottom bar button to access game actions such as Solve, Reset and to start a new game. You can also discard wrong shaded square (square that are shaded in your solution but not on the correct solution) and discard illegal values which are shaded squares that are adjusent.

Goto the Preferences screen, here you can select whether the game timer runs. Turn the Auto Update Circles on if you want the board to auto update the squares with circles as you shade squares and toggle the Auto Show Errors if you wish to see your errors while solving the board.


Top HiToRi 2 is developed by Nogasoft Ltd


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