Tennis Serve Speed Radar Gun By CS SPORTS

Tennis Serve Speed Radar Gun By CS SPORTS
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Brag about your Tennis Serve Speed! Join the 100 mph club!

Did you ever wonder how you compare against others, or against professional athletes? Is your Serve as fast as theirs, or at least in the same ballpark? Try using Tennis Radar Gun+ to see exactly how fast you can serve, right down to a tenth of a mile per hour. Tennis Serve Speed Radar Gun is a simple and precise way to test your strength and compete with your friends.

Get the answers at a glance
Tennis Serve Speed Radar Gun uses color coding for easy identification of your speed. The entire user interface will change in color according to the speed of your throw.

Serve speeds and colors:

► 76 Over Red - Watch out, the ball is about to go supersonic! That's a powerful shot!

► 61-75 Orange - Fast! People would do well to get out of your way when you have a ball in your hand.

► 51-60 Yellow - pretty darn good! Your Serve is pretty fast, that's quite the arm you have there!

► 41-50 Green - the speed of your throw is pretty average; although it can be improved, it's nothing to be ashamed of.

► 00-40 Blue - indicating a slow Serve; that's okay, everybody has their off days.

How it works
Tennis Serve Speed Radar Gun uses a really simple method to accurately calculate the Serve speed. Simply press Start when the ball leaves the Server's racket, and press Stop when you see the ball land on the court. This method of Tennis Serve speed calculation allows Tennis Serve Speed Radar Gun to be used on any phone, regardless of its age or camera quality. Also, it makes the Serve calculator very easy to use.

► Find out exactly how fast your Serve was.
► Serve counter. Don't miss a single Serve with the counter function.
► Stopwatch. Very useful in practice.
► Serve history. Don't write down the times yourself, Tennis Serve Speed Radar Gun remembers the last 4 Serves.
► Color Coding, for easy identification, at a glance.
► Target Presets: Outwide corner, Body serve, Down the T
► Cheaper than a radar gun, and just about as effective.

Learn by doing

It’s really easy and fun to use Tennis Serve Speed Radar Gun an indispensable tool for when you’re having fun or practicing and improving your skills!


Tennis Serve Speed Radar Gun is brought to your by CS Sports, A Division of CobbySoft Media Inc.

What's New in Version 1.3

Added custom distance!
Reset Serve Counter by pressing on Serve Counter!


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