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Mages of the Higher Spheres University learned the Truth so carefully that now every supreme mage has its own one. The only way to determine which of mages is right and which isn't is to hold a magic battle. Excluding all barbarian methods of magic fights, with fireballs, icy arrows and lethal poisons splashes the only way of modern magic dueling is the TowerLand card game. This game came to the University from the land of the same name where best mages fight for the right to rule the towers of that place. Every student since his very first decius dreams to fight in a tower battle but it's too dangerous and wastes too much of magical energy. To polish their skills in magical battles the chair of ontology developed the TowerLandT trainer simulating a battle between two magical towers almost completely. Now students can master the game without fear for their life and waste of energy of Spheres.

The basics of the TowerLand game are simple: every mage gets a random set of cards with the help of which he can break and build towers. The player who builds his tower sky high or destroys the opponent's tower is proclaimed winner. By playing and throwing off cards a mage not only manages the towers but also controls which cards will come to his
hand in the next move. It is the management of probability that contains the key to the success of a skillful player!

TowerLandT will allow you to completely master all details of battles and the most experienced players will be able to fight with each other in a network game.

If you feel enough strength and courage in yourselves to fight in a real battle for TowerLand install the battle version featuring the map of magic lands with dozens of towers, loads of awards and quests and the cunning opponent - the famous Lord.

Music composed by Mike Weiser, (ASCAP)


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