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X-Watch is a professional Outdoor-Watch and uses all available Sensors and Data and includes more functions as every expensive Outdoor-Watch. Time, date, weather data, compass, goniometer, bubble level, ruler, stop-watch, motion alarm, moonphases and more functions. The main functions can called separately and are showed clearly on the screen.

- Voice output: date, time, battery level

Functions (Mode):
- Time, Date (analog/digital)
- Motion alarm (when the iPhone lies on the table)
- Stop watch
- Barometer (in mb or hPa)
- Altimeter (GPS)
- Temperature, Air humidity (on your location)
- Wind speed
- GPS speed
- Goniometer
- Bubble Level (horizontal, plain)

More Functions:
- Light
- Ruler
- Compass (outer circle)
- Backgrund changeable (metal, wood, tree)
- Color of the watch changeable (grey, blue, green, brown)
- moonphase
- Shake-function: clock hands etc. get mixed up
- Updating-Buttontaste for weather data
- Turn the watch (animated)
- Battery view
- GPS Ready view

- Temperature in °C or °F
- Barometer in mb or hPa
- Wind speed in kph or mph or kts
- Compass (GPS or Sensor)
- Clock hands hide/show
- Data-display hide/show
- City: for Weather

- Adjust (Settings)
- Mode (toggle functions)
- Baro (call Barometer)
- Alti (GPS-altimeter)
- Start (Stop watch: start, stop, reset)
- Start (motion alarm: on)
- Reset (back to Mode1: Time)
- Reset (Bubble Level: calibrate)
- Light (dim down the housing and switches the color of the display to bright green)
- Updating the weather data (Button with half-rounded arrow)
- Test/Presentation mode: push the buttons Baro, Alti, Start in a row. Time will be set to 10:10. back with Reset.
- Ruler: left button

- Displayin actual weather data, means at the moment of calling the data.
- Compass bases on GPS (at motion) or the internal Compass-sensor of the iPhone
- Internet connection needed fpr weather data and moonphase

- iPhone or iPod Touch with iOS 8.x or higher
- Internetconnection for weatherdata

What's New in Version 2.2

New: Voice output: date, time, battery level
For iPhone 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, and iOS 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13


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