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"Slide numbered panels into strategic Combos in this brainy puzzler!

A novel puzzle game that involves getting rid of the numbered panels on screen by sliding them into specific combinations, MATH MONTE will turn you into a numerical addict in no time!"
"How it Works

The game involves simply combining four panels of the same number to create bigger panels that you then get rid of.
Getting rid of a large panel increases your score, and you can clear each level to move on to the next by reaching a specific score.

The goal is to clear each level within the given time limit. Watch out, though: The variety of panels and difficulty increases with every level!"
"Combos: The Core Gameplay

The most novel aspect of the game is the exciting and strategic art of forming specific Combos with the large panels to earn bonus points.
There are several different Combos you can achieve, ranging from sets of two or three panels of the same number to numerical sequences.
The trickier Combos are worth a lot of points and extra time, so you'll need to master these to conquer the more difficult later levels."

・Panels can be slid up, down, left and right with your finger.
・Large panels can be gotten rid of by tapping on them twice."
"Game Highlights

・Simple yet exhilarating: All you need to do is get rid of all the panels!
・Combos that add a highly strategic depth to the game.
・An intuitive and casual touch-and-slide interface.
・Addictive gameplay that encourages numerous playthroughs."

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