Bubble Melodia

Bubble Melodia
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Bubble Melodia is a beautiful puzzle game combining sound and motion.

Soothing, ambient sounds pour from the speakers as bubbles pop and produce colorful rings of sound that expand through a dreamlike aquatic environment.

Play for the thrill of building up musical sequences under a tight time limit, or simply relax and lose yourself in the game's dazzling world.
Game Content

Touching a bubble will cause it to pop and produce a sound ring that expands across the screen.

If the sound ring touches a bubble of the same color, the bubble will pop and produce another sound ring, thus triggering a musical sequence.

Sliding across a sound ring will change it color, thus giving you the freedom to create whatever kind of sequence you want.
Musical Sequences

The longer the musical sequence lasts, the more points you earn for popping each subsequent bubble.
Your time limit also increases for every 10th consecutive bubble you pop, making sequence-building a necessary strategy for racking up high scores!

Longer sequences also create a more aesthetically pleasing gaming experience by filling the screen with numerous sound rings.

・Touching a bubble causes it to pop and produce a sound ring.
・Sliding across a sound ring changes its color and tone.
Game Features

・A casual application featuring dazzling visuals and beautiful sounds.
・A puzzle game that awards you for extending musical sequences.
・Comfortable, intuitive controls that only require touching and sliding.
・Addictive gameplay that encourages 100-bubble or even 200-bubble sequences.


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