M.I.G - Out Quiz Your Mates (LITE)

M.I.G - Out Quiz Your Mates (LITE)
  • Publisher: Compete Now
  • Genre: Travel
  • Released: 18 Jan, 2010
  • Size: 4.3 MB
  • Price: FREE!
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M.I.G (Mobile Intelligence Games)

Q: Is M.I.G a) a type of US fighter jet, b) a culturally sensitive diminutive for the vertically challenged or c) an exciting, best-selling new trivia game?

A: c) obviously (the MiG fighter jets were Russian not American!)

Selling over half a million copies in its home country, M.I.G is the biggest Swedish sensation since the 1974 Eurovision final.

It’s a quirky, catchy and super-smart general knowledge quiz. Rather than other, older, stuffier quiz games, M.I.G is about the fun of getting things wrong as well as right. Every time you play, you’ll pick up unusual trivia titbits from its eclectic Scandinavian smorgasbord of questions.

And now M.I.G is available in the UK as an iPhone app.

With the M.I.G app you get:
- The same experience as the classic game, except with none of the fiddly little pieces like dice and question cards
- 700+ totally topical and brand spanking new UK-specific questions
- Long and short versions of the game depending on how big a quiz hit you want
- Manual control which lets you play the game your way
- Multi-player capability on one iPhone or iPod touch, so no need for multiple purchases
- A funky, fun 3D dice graphic that you can shake to roll
- Ability to browse the score sheet and question cards freely, if you’re just hungry for the trivia

With the M.I.G app, you’re totally in charge. Take turns reading the questions aloud. Shake to roll the dice, swipe your finger to flip or switch question cards and tick categories yourselves. If you want to, you can even browse the score sheets to see how old games ended. And you are always free to add new players even during a game. It’s incredibly flexible, carefree and just that little bit exceptional. Rather like Sweden!

It’s the game to play on the move. Perfect for long journeys, boring queues, first dates and lunch hours. We like playing it wherever and whenever, whether that’s under the bed sheets or in the sauna.

Buy it now and join the craze.


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