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Ever wonder how ticket brokers and scalpers get such good tickets? It's simple, they have the best tools available to them. Now with broker browser, you can search like the pro's straight from your iPhone.

Broker Browser won't work miracles for you, but what it will allow you to do is to search for multiple sets of tickets at once from your main ticketing event sites. Using a normal browser, most sites restrict you from only pulling up one pair of tickets at a time. Now with broker browser, you can search multiple events with multiple windows at once. The ability to pull up several pairs of tickets at once will allow you to choose from several different pairs and choose the seats that are right for you.

Here's how you use Broker Browser:
1- Create a new event. Name it whatever you want, pick the number of windows you want to open for the event.

2- For the URL, you can either copy the event URL from the clip board or use the find url button to navigate to the event page and then press Done on the find URL browser window to save use that URL.
*The event URL is a URL to the main event page on a site such as / or This is the onsale page where, once the sale starts, you will select the number of tickets and such that you want to search for.

3- Once you've created the event, click on it to start the search process. You will see a button for each browser window you have chosen to open as well as a home button to go back to the main page.

4- The event will start by loading the initial page URL that you requested. If the event is not on sale yet, you can use the refresh button on top of the browser to continually refresh the page until the event goes on sale.

5- Once the event is on sale and you can select the number of tickets that you'd like, select this and quickly move through the purchase pages just like you would searching for tickets from your normal browser.

6- Once you have a set of tickets pulled up, you can navigate to another browser window to find another set of tickets.

7- You can continue to repeat steps 5 & 6 for each browser window until you find the best pair of tickets that you'd like to buy.

Don't forget you can only hold on to a set of tickets for a limited period. Most ticket sites show a timer in the browser window and once it expires, the tickets are gone!

Also- if you have a set of tickets pulled up that you want to buy, be sure not to quit the program by pressing the home button or by taking a phone call or answering a text message, or your search progress and your tickets will be lost!

If you have any suggestions or problems with broker browser, please don't hesitate to shoot an email to the support email listed.


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