Recall Runaway

Recall Runaway
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You love driving. The freedom. The exhilaration. The speed. Although, the traffic on this particular highway may require a little less speed. You sigh and let up on the accelerator. You know you have no choice but to slow down.

Frowning, you watch in confusion as the speedometer stays at a steady 65 miles per hour. You let up on the accelerator a bit more, obviously expecting the car to respond. Looking back up to the highway, you see cars in every lane. You glance out the window and realize you are now flying past all the other vehicles next to you. Gritting your teeth, you grip the wheel and navigate through a narrow opening between two cars right ahead of you.

You can hear your tires squealing as you barely squeeze your way past. Now your foot is completely off the accelerator but the car hasn’t slowed at all. You’re gaining speed! You start to sweat. “What in the world is going on here?” you say in desperation as you glance down. Is the pedal stuck on the floor mat? With no time to figure out what the problem is, you realize you are almost on top of the car in front of you. Panicking, you stomp on the brake. Nothing happens. You put both feet on the brake and all but stand on the pedal. Nothing!

You curse out loud as you try to control your speeding car. There is no way you can maneuver through all of this traffic! Not only is your runaway car not slowing down, it’s still speeding up! You close your eyes. How are you going to pull out of this?

Let’s watch as you fight to control your runaway ride...

* Ripped from today's headlines
* Intense high speed driving
* Exhilarating traffic action
* Exclusive Police Assist
* 3 levels of difficulty
* Unlimited, addictive, game play
* Great sound effects

This is the real deal, from real arcade game developers! The people behind Entertaining Games have contributed to games like Golden Tee Golf, Mortal Kombat, Blitz, Centipede, Magic: The Gathering Online, Lemmings, Mad Dog McCree, Spectre VR, Silver Strike Bowling, and many more!


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