Rats Of The Maze 2

Rats Of The Maze 2
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Rats Of The Maze is a game that you will play for hours.

*** Object ***
To complete all ten levels before you run out of lives or time. To complete a level, you need to destroy all the factories in that level while avoiding the rats. You need to do this before time runs out. Once you have destroyed the factories, you can blow up the exit and leave the level. Each level is a different maze which gets harder.

*** Options ***
*Tank Color - You can pick one of six colors. Colors are Gray, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, and Pink.
*Lives - You can pick the number of lives you start with. Lives can be one, three, or five.
*Ammo - You can pick what type of ammo your tank can shoot. Ammo types can be Laser, Fireball, and Splatter.
-Advantages of Laser
Rapid fire.
Distance will last until it hits something.
-Disadvantages of Laser
Small in width making it harder to hit small rats.
-Advantages of Fireball
Wider in width making it easier to hit small rats.
-Disadvantages of Fireball
Distance is average (only lasts for .8 seconds).
Harder to shoot around corners.
Fires slower.
-Advantages of Splatter
Easy to hit any size rat.
-Disadvantages of Splatter
Distance is short (only lasts for .6 seconds).
Cannot shoot around corners.
Fires the slowest.
Sound - Turns on or off sound.

*** Other Items ***
*Factories - The factories are where the rats come from.
Destroy the factories so they cannot produce more rats.
You have three sizes of rats: small, medium, and large.
*Rats - They come from the factories. If a rat touches you,
your health goes down. After three touches, you lose a
-Small Rat - They only appear after you shoot a large rat.
They are the fastest of the rats.
-Medium Rat - They are the most common. They are the
second fastest of the rats.
-Large Rat - If you shoot a large rat, they will produce
three small rats. They are the slowest of the rats.
*Tank - This is what you move around the maze in.
*Traps - If a rat or rats run into a trap, you get ten times the
points as opposed to shooting them. Also large rats that
run into a trap cannot release smaller rats. Running over a
trap will not hurt you in your tank.
*Poison - If a rat or rats run into poison, you get ten times
the points as opposed to shooting them. Also the large
rats that run into a trap cannot release smaller rats. Rats
that run into poison will turn yellow, but can still hurt you
if they touch you within five seconds. After five seconds,
the poisoned rat will die. Running over poison in you tank
will not hurt you.
*Cheese - You can run over cheese and it will help your

*** Scoring ***
Shoot a rat
Small = 3 points
Medium = 2 points
Large = 1 point
Trap or poison a rat
Small = 30 points
Medium = 20 points
Large = 10 points
Destroy a factory = 10 points
Kill all rats before leaving level = 25 points
Seconds left in level will be added to your score.

*** HUD (Heads Up Display) ***
The first number is you score.
The second number is the seconds before the level ends.
The third item is your health meter.
Below the health meter is your number of lives you have left.
Bottom center is the pause button.
Bottom left is the arrows used to control direction.
Bottom right is the fire button.

*** Pause Screen ***
First line is level, score, and lives.
Second line is the number of rats left to kill in level.
Third line is the number of factories left to destroy in level.
Fourth line is time left in level before it ends.

Please report problems and I will fixes them for next release.


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