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The top building game now on iPad!

You want to be a HERO again and build-up a magnificent SETTLEMENT? Really? Or would you rather plunder Paris for once? Or enter mythical DUNGEONS, where legendary TREASURES await you? Yes? Well. But are you sure you are strong enough to fight off their guardians? Maybe you are… But maybe you align yourself with other players and you become the mightiest tribe of all times? Exactly!

Cultures features all this and more. Cultures is the perfect game for all those who like building and exploring the world, but also want to experience adventures, collect cool equipment for their heroes, battle epic bosses and team up with other players.

You play a Viking or a Samurai, travel the metropolises of Europe and Asia and explore the mysterious dungeons of Atlantis. And there you will… no, this shall not be disclosed here.

- Choose to be a Viking or a Samurai
- Build a magnificent settlement and research innovative technologies to go on adventurous journeys
- Live through compelling story-quests all over Europe and Asia
- Explore mythical dungeons filled with precious treasures – and bad-tempered guardians
- Three individual character classes
- Seven unique heroes, who you can equip with cool items to turn them into mighty warriors
- PvP with a seperate ranking
- Bond together with your friends in a tribe
- Conquer a special dungeon with the members of your tribe and earn extra boosts
- Compete with other tribes during epic battles
- Cope with special extra-rewarding events on a regular basis

You have any questions or problems? Feel free to contact us, we will be glad to help you. Customer support can be reached at [email protected]


*** Please note that this iPad version is NOT compatible to the browser-version of Cultures Online and your save-games from the browser-version can’t be shared or transferred here! ***

An active connection to the internet is required for playing.

What's New in Version 2.1

New additions:
* Two new dungeons have been discovered. *

A new dungeon named "Asgard" has been discovered south of Atlantis. However, only god level players will be able to find this destination. It is suspected that this location contains items from divine Ragnarök sets which can be combined with other sets from Ragnarök.

Players with a main hero level of 5 or above get to explore another new dungeon called "Groundskeeping in Asgard". It lies to the north-west of Atlantis and holds rare Cult Chamber items, some of which can even improve your heroes' attributes.

-XP winnings increased for the American dungeon Tochpan II
-Purchased heroes no longer own divine Ragnarök set pieces.
-Fast switching between character, blacksmith, and merchant view
-Highlighting of heroes when attribute points are available
-Notifications of achievements (in the village) will now include the names of the achievements.
-In the achievements screen (Chieftain Hall/city hall), the symbols for the areas that have reached new achievements will be highlighted visually. The effect disappears as soon as you mouse over the symbol.
-Reaching higher levels now requires less XP. This does not apply to god levels.
-There is now a minimum number of colonies for all level ranges.
-Further improvements to first steps

-Missing attribute points after increased level cap are automatically fixed by this update.
-Fixed the sapphire reward display error after PvP battles
-Barracks upgrade level now displayed correctly
-Fixed various display and text errors
-Minor bug fixes
-Fixed faulty comparison of items when one item was dragged over another in the inventory
-After playing all 20 levels of a tribe dungeon, the game will no longer show a 21st level
-Dividing indicator (double line) restored for comparing item tooltips
-Beautification slots now have tooltips again


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