Towers vs. Dragons

Towers vs. Dragons
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Become the master of tower defense and flight control in Towers vs. Dragons. Use arrows, cannon balls, fire, freezing cold or the Spectral Lines of Force to slay the dragon and get your score on the game center leaderboard. Come build your towers, draw traps to attract the winged beast to his doom then collect your manna. Click “…More” to learn why you should download this App today!

✷✷✷ “New and Newsworthy” in Strategy Games ✷✷✷

You are a noble knight, defending your kingdom of Mannasgard against an onslaught of deadly winged dragons. As fast you can, you draw a trap that leads the monsters to an ambush, where you unleash weapons of mass destruction from your tower to wipe out as many of those evil creatures as possible.

This is no time to relax though; you’ve got to get those dragon corpses to the nearest Dragondrome. After that, there’s a manna farm to build in the forest and a lot more dragons to destroy if you’re to survive in Towers vs. Dragons (T.v.D or TvD).

Towers vs. Dragons is a cleverly unique game that blends tower defense, line drawing and flight control for an awesome gaming experience. There are 15 levels for you to tackle and 3 modes of survival to test your battle and strategy skills. Each of the levels varies in style, introducing new elements to help you fight the foe and have a ton of fun while doing it.

Although strategy and tactics are your best defenses, the app supplies you with a rich arsenal of weapons to use, so go ahead and pick your favorite method for destroying evil dragons. Burn them, smash them, stab them, fill them full of holes and freeze them. It doesn’t matter; go with what makes you happy and is available in the level you’re in. Once you’ve kicked dragon butt, your high score may be posted on the game center leaderboard for the world to see.

Check out the awesome Towers vs. Dragons features:
* Great interface, attractive and easy to use
* Build your own towers
* Harvest your own manna
* Spectral Lines of Force suck in unsuspecting dragons
* 15 challenging levels
* 3 modes of survival
* Rich arsenal of weapons
* Awesome background music, composed by Mike Weiser (ASCAP)

If you like tower defense games, line drawing and flying dragons, this is the perfect app for you!

Download Towers vs. Dragons right now and start defending your kingdom.

What's New in Version 1.1.1

Game texts fixed.


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