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Sarvottam Stotra
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In 1589,Shree Mahabrabhuji after taking the permission of ShreeThakorji,departed from the earth and arrived back in the abode of god.this is recognized as “Asurvya moh leela”.

At that time,Shree Mahaprabhuji’s second son,Shree Vitthalnathji(ShreeGusainji) was 10 years old. he missed his father a lot and so did a complete fast for three continuous days. during those three days he used to murmur and remember his father ShreeMahaprabhuji in his heart. thus his father appeared to him inthree divine forms

(1) Shree Thakorji swarupa
(2) ShreeSwaminiji swarupa
(3) Sakshi bhavatmak acharya swarupa

and made his son experience 36 divine plays of all three forms.during those three days,every divine play’s meaning was clearly understood and resided within his heart. thus in this way Shree Gusaiji’s heart experienced all 108 plays of Shree Mahaprabhuji.then Shree Gusaiji recited “ The Sarvattom Stotra ” explaining themeaning of the 108 slogan names created from the 108 plays whichhe had experienced. Thus Sarvattom Stotra was created

This application allows you to play single Stotra[Poem] as well as full Sarvottam Stotra[35 poems together]

Any particular number [1 to 35] will take you to the screen of that Stotra[poems].

Full version will play complete Sarvottam Stotra[Poems]

Once you done with all Stotra[poems] this application has a quiz on Pushtimarg



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