Turret Wars

Turret Wars
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Turret Wars is a single player arcade style pseudo strategy game where the term.. "destroy or be destroyed" has never been truer! Find and destroy all the enemy turrets before they find and destroy you.

You can collect powerup bunkers to help you survive longer as well and increase your projectile damage or increase your health. There are even missile powerup bunkers to help you shoot down the enemy bombers and drop ships.

Turret Wars v1.2 Main Features
- 4 turrets to choose from with different projectile abilities and armour
- 6 amazing 3d levels to play in, requiring various play strategies, plus a random level mode
- 4 Difficulty levels (plus a practice mode)
- Play against up to 7 CPU turrets
- Realtime battle as well as a turn based mode
- Plenty of bunker pickups to collect (health restore, megahealth rejuvinator, comms bunker, nukes, missiles, shields)
- Missiles are actually flown by player using tilt and touch to self guide your missiles to hit your intended target
- Enemy bombers drop bombs on playfield (you can shoot them down for addition points)
- Enemy drop ships drop in new turrets when they are killed (Expert and Insane modes only) again, you can shoot them down
- Different wind conditions based on difficulty setting
- Mini Map for each level to make it easier to locate enemies and bunkers
- In game music, or turn music off in games options to hear your own iPod tracks during game play
- Touch to aim as well as analogue keypad for minor adjustments
- Comprehensive global ranks system
- Global high-score ladder to compete against players around the world.
- Scores are saved locally if no internet connection is available and then uploaded when the internet is available, so you never lose your scores!
- Best scores per level are stored locally for you to complete against


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