Meeting Spice Activities for Meetings

Meeting Spice Activities for Meetings
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These activities were developed for youth meetings at YFC in the 60's but have been rewritten and developed for the current age. Now never be caught off guard by someone asking you to lead a discussion with any age group. Now you have a pocketful of materials that never dreamed possible just a few years ago. Go to Meeting and see our other products and upcoming products.
Warning Emergency Aid May Be Required*

These meeting spice activities were developed in the 1960's through Campus Life. They are here now to spice up any get together of people from ages 8-80. Seriously is there anyone that does not enjoy a fun time?

If you are caught without something exciting hopefully one of these spicy activities will turn up the excitement in your next birthday party, meeting, or whatever. Spice adds fun to life in food and especially in meetings. The greatest crime is to bore people in meetings. This iPhone app is seeking to change that. More in time will follow. Spread the word life does not have to be boring.

*If people bust a gut. Remember call 911 if medically needed.

Dr. Tom Morris
St. Valentine’s Day 2011


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