Physics Mark

Physics Mark
  • Publisher: Phyar Studio
  • Genre: Action
  • Released: 10 Aug, 2009
  • Size: 700.1 KB
  • Price: $0.99
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Simple Physics Engine(SPE) is one of the world's most accurate 3D physics engine for games and science engineering. This App, SPE Physics Mark is a port of SPE which running on iPhone OS to test how powerful the iPhone OS device can perform to run a full featured high precision physics engine, and it is also a good tool to compare the capability of CPU and GPU of different devices.
Engine for iPhone OS Features:
-Collision detection between arbitrary tri-mesh shapes;
-Fast collision shape building for complex scene.
-Realistic rigid body simulation.
-High precision dynamic solver or fast generally dynamic solver.
-Flex joints integration.
-Particle based fluid simulation, including fast surface generation.
For more information about SPE, please visit

How to use:
-When you start running the App, you entered the interaction mode, where you can select a shape from the button group on the top of the screen and then throw a rigid body to the ground, or shake your device to make the objects bouncing. The engine use low precision computation in this mode.
-Press the "Run Benchmark" button, the App start running the benchmark program by traversing 8 different scenes with high precision computation. This would take about 15 minutes, please be patient. Once it finished, you'll get a score of your device. now, press "Return" button, you'll brought to the replay mode.
-In replay mode, you can see the animation playing of all 8 scenes in real time, press "Pre" to setup the previous scene, "Play" to reset, "I.Play" to play inversely, then you'll see the fantasy that the time is going back, press "Next" to setup the next scene.
-Your score and animation data would be saved in your device so when you running the App next time, you can enter the replay mode directly.
one finger: rotate the scene.
two fingers move parallel: move the camera.
two fingers pinch: zoom in/out.

That's all, enjoy it!


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