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Magic: The Gathering Toolbox
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The only official Magic: The Gathering app – track game state, search cards, build decks, read articles, learn about events, and more!

Wizards of the Coast presents Magic: The Gathering Toolbox, an application for your mobile device that gives you tools to support your live Magic: The Gathering games. Much more than a life counter, it also lets you build decks, research strategies, and find events in your local Magic community – everything you need to work on your game outside of the game.

Life Tracker

It’s quick and easy to get started playing a game of Magic: The Gathering with Magic: The Gathering Toolbox – just load up the Life Tracker and go! The app comes with premade settings for a host of play styles including tournaments and Commander games, and you can create your own custom game settings for whatever setup you normally use in your games of Magic. In addition to life, you can track poison counters, mana pool, Commander damage, and other game information. Magic Toolbox tracks play with up to six players (eight players on iPad). Save profile information – including life tracker background, avatar picture, and other information – for your friends so it’s easy to set up from game to game for your play group!


Need to flip a coin or roll a die? Magic: The Gathering Toolbox has you covered. It’s also easy to determine which player chooses play or draw.

Card Search

The power of Gatherer card look-up at your fingertips. You can search and filter all 10,000+ Magic cards, with some of Gatherer’s advanced search features included in the app. New card sets are delivered to the app when‘s Gatherer updates!

Deck Builder

Build your own decklists, see sample hands and statistics, tweak and edit decks, and show your creations to your friends. It’s easy to make a new brew for Friday Night Magic, build around your new favorite Commander, or any other deck inspiration that strikes you and then share via email or on Facebook. When the app launches, you can build decks with every card for free. As new card sets get released, you can pay a small fee to update the deck builder with the latest content.

Article Reader

Get content from the official Daily MTG website delivered daily to your device. You can also add other RSS feeds so you can stay on top of your favorite websites.

Event Calendar and Store Locator

Looking for an event to play in? The most popular Magic events come preloaded in the app, and you can select specific events to move into your calendar. Head to the Store Locator link to find your local game store and see what events they have waiting for you!

What's New in Version 1.20

This update contains a number of small fixes, including efficiency and usability improvements.

Interface lag in Card Search has been reduced by autocompleting on text at least three characters in length, and by modifying the backend to store double-faced cards more efficiently. Additionally, errors in display of various split and flip cards are fixed.

The Life Tracker feature for two player games has a modified layout to help avoid misplaced button clicks.

Life total, poison counters, and Commander damage can now tick past the game end condition, in case a player has an effect active that prevents the game from ending.

When using a round timer, the pause and over-time states are now indicated visually without preventing further user interaction in the Life Tracker.

When selecting a Legendary Creature card for a deck or a player’s preferred Commander, cards with additional types (e.g. Legendary Artifact Creature) are now allowed as selections.

Various pieces of interface text have been fully translated into available non-English languages.


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