Architectural Record 建筑家装杂志

Architectural Record 建筑家装杂志
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  • Released: 10 Apr, 2012
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美国著名建筑杂志 Architectural Record (建筑实录)2005年以前的经典收集,由McGraw-Hill Construction(麦格劳希尔建筑信息公司)出版,月刊。提供全球建筑业确实有用的信息,是专为建筑师而设计;内容包括建筑科技、新闻、重要讯息的研讨,如何设计并表现出完美的建筑风格标准等等。另外每期都有一个专门的主题报导,帮助您更加了解建筑师当初设计的理念与特色;Architectural Record拥有超过110年的专业内涵,是AIA(美国建筑师协会)所指定的杂志,同时也是从事建筑师、工程师和其它专业设计师必备的期刊。

The famous American architecture magazine Architectural Record (Architectural Record) prior to 2005, the classic collection, published by McGraw-Hill Construction, (McGraw-Hill construction company), monthly. Really useful information for global construction is specifically designed for architects; construction technology, news, important message of the seminar, how to design and perfect architectural style standards. Addition, each issue has a special theme reports to help you better understand the architect's original design concepts and features; of Architectural the Record has more than 110 years of professional connotation is specified by the AIA (American Institute of Architects) magazine, is also engaged in essential journal for architects, engineers and other professional designers.


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