Sniper Boy

Sniper Boy
  • Publisher: Headup GmbH
  • Genre: Family
  • Released: 3 Jul, 2013
  • Size: 47.5 MB
  • Price: FREE!
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+++ iPhone 4 / iPad 2 or newer required +++

In a distant galaxy, there is a planet occupied exclusively by robots. Its name: BotWorld. Its many mechanical inhabitants live happily and contentedly in one large community; everyone helps everyone else and the majority of the work is carried out by extremely industrious cleaning robots. But one day, when they are struck down by a mysterious virus, sending them completely haywire, the whole of BotWorld is in danger of descending into chaos…
But there is still hope: Sniper Boy, the best sharpshooter on the entire planet, is ordered by the government to neutralize the infected robots from a safe distance. Will he manage to stop the virus before it is too late?

In Sniper Boy you assume the role of the small metallic hero and embark upon the task of saving BotWorld from extinction. Play through this tricky puzzle game's 50 levels set across 5 different locations.
Ammunition is scarce, so precise timing and accurate aiming are essential. Reflective walls will help you to take out several enemies at once. Acquire an advantage by making use of the various objects in the levels. You have portals and exploding barrels, among other things, at your disposal.
In addition to the 50 campaign level, Sniper Boy has another 20 especially challenging mind-bending levels that will really make your brain cells boil. Try to hit the perfect score, unlock achievements and become the best sniper in the entire universe!

-50 challenging levels across 5 locations
-20 bonus levels
-Game Center support
-Destructible objects and portals
-Different types of enemies


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