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Bright Phonics is an educational app to help children learn to read. It is designed to be the most efficient way for children to learn and memorize English phonemes. Bright Phonics uses the scientifically supported Spaced Repetition learning technique to enable fast, efficient learning.

With Bright Phonics you practice phonic skills with your child. You are presented with a phoneme (e.g. oo, igh, ff) and prompt your child to say the appropriate letter sound. Depending on how your child answers you select from one of the three traffic light options: 'Yes', 'Yes with help' or 'Not yet'. Bright Phonics will then prompt your child to practice the phonemes they don't know more often and the ones they do know less often, reinforcing them strongly into their long-term memory. Additionally you can create multiple profiles allowing each child to progress at their individual pace.


- Teaches phonic skills improving your child’s reading ability by allowing them to decode and blend words
- Teaches sight words for improved reading speed and fluency.
- Practice known phonemes less often and less familiar phonemes more often using Spaced Repetition for best results and optimal commitment to long term memory
- Designed as a quick and effective educational tool for you and your child to do together for 5 minutes a day
- Track your child’s progress and know when they have committed their phonemes to long term memory
- Practice phonic skills in suitable levels for easy and sensible reading progression. Each level increases your child reading ability and confidence.
- Know the best time to come back and practice with your child. Bright Phonics works out the best time for your next practice session based on your child’s current knowledge.
- Multiple profiles so you can practice phonic skills with each child and track their progress individually
- Share your child’s success with friends and family on Facebook and Twitter

Bright Phonics uses the scientifically supported Space Repetition learning technique to enable fast, efficient learning. The Super Memo Algorithm pioneered by Piotr Wozniak in 1985 for language studies allows memorization of large proportions of information, incorporating it into their long-term memory.

What's New in Version 2.0.1

Bug fixes and improvements.


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