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IMPORTANT: Planar Conquest is compatible only with iPad 3 & newer devices, iPhone 5 & newer. It’s NOT compatible with iPhone 4, iPad 2, iPad Mini and earlier devices.

Become an all-powerful Sorcerer Lord and lead one of 8 different races to the ultimate victory. Explore multiple planes of existence, raid dungeons, and conquer cities. Expand your armies, cast mighty spells, and summon godly creatures to do your bidding.

“eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate” - Planar Conquest is a massive fantasy 4X strategy game inspired by the immortal classic, Master of Magic by Microprose (1994). A combination of excellent depth known from Civilization and epic fantasy battles from Heroes of Might and Magic make for an immersive and complex strategy experience tailor-made for iOS devices.

Create your own Sorcerer Lord
Customize your character and lead one of 8 wildly different races, choosing between 40+ character traits and mastering over 300 spells from 13 schools of magic.

Explore an imaginative fantasy universe
Conquer, rule and exploit 7 distinct planes of existence, each of them filled with riches, mysteries and dangers.

Expand your empire
Build new cities and rise to power thanks to 50 different city improvements and 160 unit types, ranging from rank-and-file soldiers to mythical dragons.

Raise an unstoppable army
Recruit and equip legendary heroes to command your armies, level up your warriors and support them with an arsenal of deadly spells to quench any resistance.

Streamlined, not simplified
A PC strategy game streamlined for iOS without any gameplay concessions. Experience the full depth of an epic conflict spanning multiple worlds and hundreds of units. A must have for any strategy fan!

NOTE: Base game features 3 planes and 4 races. Additional planes and races are available as in-game purchases.

What's New in Version 1.3.1f

Major update for the game. Much better AI behaviour speed.
Full list of changes:
Planar Conquest 1.3.1f
- Fixed Slaveworks
- Fixed exploit with using unit's spell cost instead of lord's
- Fixed issue with Silent Sentinels / Flaming Guardians creating more units than they should
- Fixed rare load issue with Howling Mine
- Spell "Winds of Terror" is now applied individually for each unit instead of being a global effect
- Corrections to heroes: melee heroes cannot use ranged weapons any longer
- Faster turn processing
- Fixed load issues
- Fixed AI Time Stop issues
- Fixed issues with attack penalties
- Fixed Drain Life ability during autocombat
- Increased effectiveness of Merging in autocombat
- Fixed items increasing in power in inns after load
- Fixed wrong ranged value for units in inns
- Changed Blazing Martyr spell from giving +6 Strength to +2 Damage
- Tweaked premade Sorcerer Lords to have proper valid spell picks
- Discipline balance tweaks: Alchemist costs 3 points (was 1), Merchant costs 3 points (2), Mystic costs 2 points (1) and gives +0.5 Power/population (0.1), Summoner gives 20% discount (10%), Enlightened gives 15% bonus (5%), Geologist gives 50% bonus (20%)
- Changed Gaia's blessing: it now terraforms tundras, swamps and deserts into forests with 15% chance (was: terraforms deserts into plains with 5% chance)
- Hammerhands have proper off-hand to hit value (+7, was +4)
- Wardens have reduced Hit Points (36, was 48) and Fortitude saves (3, was 4)
- Banshees receive Levitation ability
- Wraiths receive Levitation and Create Undead abilities, have reduced Hit Points (60, was 84)
- Slimes have reduced damage (3d4, was 3d4+4)
- Great Wyrms have reduced Poison (3d4 for 2 turns, was 3d4+1 for 5 turns)
- Sea Serpents gain Regeneration ability and Cold Resistance 25
- Werewolves lose their pointless Positive Energy Vulnerability
- Dran and Keen Master have proper levels (5, was 4)
- Aelys the Broken has correct Movement Points (4, was 2)
- True Sight protects from ethereal units as it should
- removed some redundant abilities (such as Stoning Immunity for Constructs)
- added Water Walking ability to all amphibians creatures (Longboat Rams, Phantom Warriors, Nagas, Water Elementals, Phantom Beasts, Marids, Sea Serpents, Lamia)
- Rogue heroes correctly cannot take Point Blank Shot ability on level ups
- Elven Hussars, Winged Hussars, Ogre Warlocks and Ogre Mages have correct hiring costs in inns
- Prude penalty is now -25% (was -50%)
- Merchant gives 0.5 Gold per pop (was 1), costs 2 points (was 3)
- Sage bonus is 50% (was 10%)
- Healer bonus is 50% (was 25%)
- Splitting was ignoring diagonal movement penalty
- Issues with Armageddon spell, might cause disappearance from spellbook
- Fixed Bloodletting's description
- Fixed issues with combat enchantments sometimes staying active after combat
- Fixed Alacrity and Haste resulting in decreased movement points after combat
- Fixed Nature's Cure not working on already existing units after load
- Fixed issues with Chain Lightning damage being stuck at 0
- Breath of Life now restores experience after revival; revived heroes are no longer considered both dead and alive
- Resurrected heroes now retain their level (but not experience)
- Fixed issues with first movement costing 4 movement points after Full Sails
- Spellcasting on owner's units now bypasses resistances and saving throws (but not immunities)
- Fixed Chaos Channels save/load issues
- Bloodlust will only trigger during target's turn
- Fixed cities penalty display and calculation

... and much more.


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