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  • Released: 13 Feb, 2016
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Yumi-Geiko is a touch-control shooting simulation of japanese bow.

弓稽古はタッチ操作で弓士を操るシューティング シミュレーションです。

How to play/基本操作

Touch and hold anywhere on screen, archer start to draw the bow.
Release when the bow is drawn as maximum strength. The arrow flies away.
Archer's action synchronizes with finger slide. The finger move in moment just before releasing determines horizontal aim.

There are 3 targets which are on near, middle, and far distance.
Achievement tree includes topics, to hit on several targets, to hit twice in a row, and so on.
When you cope with specific achievements, strength limitation of bow and arms are unlocked stepwise.




You can change the settngs of archery tools, and control sensitivities in option menu. This make for variations of your feeling and actual accuracy. Especially, 'Bow weight' and 'Raw Input' are interest settings, recommended to change once.

オブションのメニューでは弓矢の調整や、操作感度などを変更することが可能です。 これらは弓を引く感覚や実際の的中率に変化をもたらすでしょう。 特に「弓力」(弓の強さ)や、「Raw Input」(直接操作)はおすすめの変更項目です。


This game has functions to analyse your result every time you shot arrows. Some functions take statictics throughout your play, some are to be reset when you change target. Otherwise, you can also challenge achievements including a little unique requirements.

弓稽古にはあなたが矢を射る度、その情報を分析する機能が備わっています。 全てのプレイを通じた統計機能もあれば、狙う的を変えるごとにリセットされるものもあります。 また少しユニークな内容の含まれる実績に挑戦することも可能です。

Aim / 狙い

Aiming in a vertical direction is owing to locating of arms, and in a horizontal direction, it is owing to 'Tsunomi'. With Japanese bow, an arrow is put to right side of bow, and fly out toward right. However, if you push the bow on right side well, the bow will turn in the process of accelerating an arrow. The arrow fly straight as a result. This technique pushing a bow called 'Tsunomi', and what the bow turning after release is called 'Yugaeri'.

Effect on the aim horizontal direction by 'Tsunomi' and 'Yugaeri' derives from how much strength put into the joint of left elbow until just before releasing an arrow.

There is a slider which changes the effect of 'Tsunomi' in OPTION / Manipulation. The larger value, the more effectivity of 'Tsumomi / Yugaeri' obtained with lower strength put into the elbow.

上下の狙いは腕の状態によって、左右の狙いは「角見」(つのみ)によって付けることができます。 しかし弓を親指の付け根でよく押すことによって、矢を押し出す過程で弓が回転を起こし、結果的に矢を真っ直ぐ飛ばす事ができます。 この弓を押す技術を「角見」といい、弓が反転することを「弓返り」といいます。

角見・弓返りによる左右の狙いに対する効果は、矢を放つ瞬間に左肘に込めている力の程度により決定します。 「OPTION / 射方の調整」には角見の効果を変更するスライダーが存在します。 この値を大きくすることで,肘にこもる力が小さくても、大きな角見・弓返りの効果を得られます。

What's New in Version 1.0

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