CrystalLink - Infinity

CrystalLink - Infinity
  • Publisher: jun yang
  • Genre: Puzzle
  • Released: 28 Jul, 2017
  • Size: 333.6 MB
  • Price: FREE!
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Crystal Link-Infinity is a free link game that does not contain any in-app purchases. In this game, you can play the classic crystal elements of Link up Game, and you can also define your own icon to play. You can make your own and your family and friends’ avatars into game patterns to play. The built-in map editor is also indispensable. , It allows you to create any game map card type you want.

Why choose Crystal Link-Infinity? Because it ends all Link up gameplay, one Link up is equal to all Link up Link up Game. You don’t need to spend time looking for Fruits Link, Ocean Link, Pet Link, Numbers Link, Mahjong Link, Constellation Link , Because this game contains the above elements, more innovative gameplay is waiting for you to discover.

Comes with more than 40 beautiful background music, and the newly added Link crystal icon, a total of 72 kinds of pleasing crystal icons, let you get great relaxation and fun in the process of playing. .

The first iOS link up game to support Link for map editor
There are as many as 10,000+ game levels in various mode combinations to maintain the rich playability of the game
List of game modes:
Human eye, earth eye, heaven eye, god eye
Simple, Normal, difficult
Classic time mode, race against time mode, life mode
Money mode, achievement mode, map mode
Normal icon mode, medium icon mode, large icon mode
These modes can be re-selected, greatly increasing the number of permutations and combinations of game levels

Automatically adapt to various iOS devices such as iPad and iPod Touch

Crystal Link-Unlimited Edition Features:
1. Completely customize the game cards;
2. Completely customize the game map;
3. Completely restore the classic gameplay of Link Up;
4. Completely free;
5. Contains all content that was previously required to be paid to download;
6. Provide complete after-sales support;
7. Contains complete Game Center elements: leaderboards, challenges, achievements, multiplayer games;
8. Provide iCloud game backup, no longer have to worry about losing the archive after changing the phone.

Official QQ group: 659989146
Welcome everyone to join the exchange

common problem:

1.q: What is the map editor?
a: The map editor is a small tool provided by Crystal Link-Unlimited Edition, which can quickly edit the map in map mode and save it as a new map.

2.q: How to open the map editor?
a: The map editor needs to switch the level type to map mode. When the self-built map is closed, the map editor can be opened after completing the general map level. A small level corresponds to a map editor option. When the self-built map is opened, the map editor option is automatically turned on, and you can create your own map as you like.

What's New in Version 2.0.3

Crystal Link Up is newly launched.
The unlimited version contains all the content and can be played for free.
The most fun Link Up i game in history. Welcome to download.
update content:
1. Menu UI fine-tuning
2. Some minor changes


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