Immortal Conques of Heroes

Immortal Conques of Heroes
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Scramble for territory is the core gameplay of game.The game world is divided into zones.Points are scored for each monster killed in the area.The player with the highest points will be the leader of the area.

The ultimate goal of the player is to become the king of the game world.You can invite friends or fans to join the game and form an alliance with you,to help you achieve your ultimate goal.

There are special items and monsters in every area of the game.You need to understand the properties of all kinds of things before you can defeat monsters.

Game story background:

There was a wide variety of biological life in this mysterious MafA mainland.Human power is so weak in it.They were forced to establish various organizations on the continent.So as to resist the beasts and monsters with supernatural powers.

However,after a while,the emergence of a mysterious race changed the distribution of power on this continent.They learn all kinds of abilities quickly,very quickly acquired extraordinary ability.Then,occupy the leading position of this continent.
This race taught people the ability to use fire and other things about survival.

When humans learn these different skills.These people who have lived in a terrifying and threatening environment,have begun to try to build civilization.With the help of the mysterious race,they began their long and distant territorial expansion and the process of building up civilization.

In the end, they finally created a huge country.According to legend,this civilization at that time had more civilization and ability than our imagination.

But in a later big bang, the civilization disappeared.No one knows the details of the big bang.There is no trace to find the relevant information.And the mysterious race that helped humanity disappeared without a trace of the explosion.
The rest of the survivors and their descendants began to rebuild their civilized society.They even expect to establish a civilization that is completely equivalent to the previous civilization.

But the long process is so hard,because few people can remember what happened in those days.The shortage of resources and the poverty of knowledge have seriously affected the reconstruction of this civilization.

During this stage, several major cities gradually formed.
Although in that era and the legend of the mysterious race is aeriality,But humanity has never given up respect for the past. They are a generation of the extreme civilization's lips,that's how the eternal legend stayed .


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