• Publisher: shi zhengjie
  • Genre: Action
  • Released: 28 Nov, 2017
  • Size: 123.2 MB
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*Unique silhouette style - push the map to send new game - leisure strategy hand tour.
*The black empire suffered a ghost attack, the people turned into a devil. The king sent you to build a strong army, destroy the devil's lair, and restore the prosperity of the empire.
*battlefield reasonable click to send troops, control all the people to walk, control boss skills, in the appropriate time to use props, the key moment to release the castle skills.
* players need to be reasonable with their own clan, to conquer the different functions of the devil legion.
* players need to collect and upgrade arms, castles, props, these three basic clan elements.
* castles and arms do the racial talent attribute bonus, as well as the type of restraint two attribute functions.
* players reasonable planning ground, low altitude, high altitude, space 4 road dispatch configuration.
*Corps to help the function, so that each arms have to play their own power limit.


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