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  • Released: 3 Jan, 2018
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Do you want to improve your logical thinking ability? Play Sudoku soon!
This is a professional Sudoku game. It can be used by the player to wait for the time to wait for the car or the subway, or to improve your logical thinking ability by practicing every day. If you are a Sudoku enthusiast, it's more of a Sudoku game that you have to own. It provides the difficulty level equivalent to the international Sudoku competition, allowing you to challenge the competition problem of the bone ash level anytime and anywhere.
In the 9 x 9 lattice, there are 9 3 x 3 lattices in the large 9th palace and provide more than 17 figures. According to these numbers, use logic and reasoning to fill in 1 to 9 numbers on other spaces. Each number once in every small squares only, each number in each row, each column can only appear once. This game only requires logical thinking and has nothing to do with digital computing. Although the play is simple, but the number of digital arrangement is changing, so many educators think that Sudoku is a good way to exercise their brains.
Start the game: the game provides 3 degree of difficulty level, middle grade and master level.

1. highlighting: select any number on the chessboard, all the same numbers that have been filled will be highlighted. It's easier to fill it up.
2. assistant: when you feel that you have no way to go, choose a space, click the auxiliary button, the answer will appear on your own! Please note: the use of assistance has a number of restrictions, the need to seize the opportunity!


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