Cadence Training to Run Faster

Cadence Training to Run Faster
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Cadence training will help you to run faster. You can try our proven 3 simple steps to train your muscle and improve your strike to achieve better step per minute (spm). If you feel like you’re slogging along while others float by? You may ask yourself and you might want a quick and easy way to get faster. The answer is by increasing your cadence! It will help you to run a lot faster!

Cadence is the number of times your foot strikes the ground in a given time period, usually measured per minute. Your height, weight, leg and stride length and running ability will determine your optimal cadence. Everyday runners generally fall between 160-170 steps per minute, while elite runners strike the ground around 180 steps per minute or higher—with some getting above 200 at their fastest speeds.

By using our app, it will help you to achieve 180 steps per minute and be ready for full or half marathon. Please note that your body may need six to eight weeks to adapt to your higher cadence, but it will adapt and become part of muscle memory.

We love running and we develop this app for all the runners out there. If you love running and really need to run better, run faster, and be ready for your next marathon. We proud to say that our app that we build with love is the right one for you.



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