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AR Art Portal
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AR Art Portal is a application that allows artist to share and sell their work using Augmented Reality.

Artist submit their art via the associated website, place paintings into the walls of the portal where they want them.

Users of the application can then explore the artworks in a similar way to how one would in a gallery but using augmented reality on their iPhone or iPad.

You can also generate QR codes from the website for each portal you create, these can then be used to change portals automatically without the need to search through the list of portals.

You can either use the build in camera application to launch a particular portal or while using the application you can simply point it at the QR code as the reader runs continuously.

The application also supports stereo mode for VR headsets provided their is an opening in the headset for the camera which is needed because it is an AR application. Note stereo is only available for iPhone, not iPad because headsets are designed to house iPhones not iPads.

When in stereo mode a controller is needed to navigate within the application. You can still use stereo mode if you have a QR code for the portal you wish to load but further interaction will be restricted unless you use mono mode.

It works with MFi certified game controllers and lower end iCade style controllers which are sometimes included when you buy a headset.

The MFi mappings are as follows:

Right Trigger/Left Trigger/X button/A button - select item
Right shoulder button, Left shoulder button, B button - back/close
Left thumb stick right - next portal
Left thumb stick left - previous portal
Right thumb stick up - scroll content up
Right thumb stick down scroll content down
D-Pad up - make scene transparent
D-Pad down - make scene opaque
Y-button - reset portal placement

iCad style controller:
Thumb stick left - next portal
Thumb stick right - previous portal
A button - reset portal placement
B button - select item
D button - back action

Note that on the shinecon controller that I've tested:
The on off/menu button is mapped to the A button
The back button is mapped to the D button
The trigger is mapped to the B button

What's New in Version 1.05

Adding picture frames and allowing user to tap on picture when non are currently focused with title under it in mono mode.


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