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Camelot is an application created to address the most complex live performance needs with a simple and guided workflow. It combines in one app, a convenient and beautifully designed digital performance workstation that in the past could only be achieved with a complex setup made of connecting different applications and devices together.
Camelot is a Setlist Manager, a Software Instrument & FX Host, a PDF Music Score reader, a Multitrack Audio Player, and the most advanced MIDI Patchbay and Router. All in one piece of software:

● Hardware Instrument presets:
select your instrument Smart Map and go! With no MIDI knowledge!

● Software instruments and effects (AUv3)
Play with your favorite software sounds & FX (Auv3 format) and enjoy switching from one scene to another WITHOUT SOUND INTERRUPTION!

● MIDI keyboards and MPE controllers:
connect any MIDI controller directly or with a USB hub;

● Advanced MIDI routing:
duplicate, filter, and route any MIDI messages with ease;

● MIDI and Bluetooth remote controls:
Remote scene switching, start/stop buttons, or assign track levels to external pedals, faders, or controllers;

● Smart Scene Switching:
It’s a unique feature on iOS!!! There is no AUv3 host capable of switching sound with NO AUDIO INTERRUPTION and clever MIDI messages management, that does not truncate MIDI instances & routing. Stop using production tools for live performances!

● Tempo Sync with MIDI Clock and Ableton Link, with dedicated output for metronome (click)

● Lyrics and Chords attachments with custom annotations:
each Scene recalls PDF or images that you can visualize during the performance. The attached file can be saved at the desired zoom level and scroll position. Stop using paper chord, lyrics, or music score books!

● Audio backing tracks, Timeline & Automations:
attach Audio Tracks, add auto-play and auto-stop markers, and even add Scene automation. You can have multiple audio tracks with separate audio outputs and, at the same time, use the Timeline to automate Scene switches at specific points in the sequence.

● Manage your Performance with ease: Forget about the complications of last-minute Setlist changes. Rearrange, move and duplicate Songs with simple Drag & Drop directly on each Setlist.

How Camelot is organized:

● Setlists - a collection of Songs
● Songs - can have one or more Scenes that each include a Timeline. When you select a Song in Camelot, you load all the resources needed to play that Song (i.e., Virtual Instruments, FX, and Audio Tracks).
● Scenes - recall and organize Hardware instruments presets, MIDI connections, Software plugin presets, and Music Score Attachments. You can switch freely from one Scene to another with no interruption in the sound.
● Layers - the building blocks of each Scene. Layers allow the connection between MIDI Input Controllers and the Items. Layers manage the MIDI and Audio flow for all the Items that are loaded on them.
● Items - Individual Hardware or Software Instruments and FX.

What's New in Version 2.0.0

This is a major upgrade, Camelot has been drastically improved since 1.x.

- Audio Backing Tracks with dedicated Audio Output Selection and basic editing (volume, fade-in, fade-out, crop, position)
- Automations (Scene Auto Select, Auto-Play, Auto-Stop and Next Song Auto-Load)
- Markers

- Audio Effect plugins insert on each Layer
- MIDI Processors plugins on each Layer
- Layer Connectors: special item routing MIDI to any layer to manage
- New EDIT mode, with Drag&Drop Items reordering

- Templates
- Selectable Layer Audio Output
- New EDIT mode with Drag&Drop Layer reordering
- Song & Setlist Rack Override
- MIDI Monitor with channel routing highlighting on each Layer

- Dedicated Scene Level on Mixer Panel
- Automatic Scene switching available from the Timeline

- Dedicated Song Level on Mixer Panel
- Possibility to Export & Import Songs
- Per-Song Transpose

- Possibility to Export & Import Setlists
- Improved Setlists and Songs management
- Per-Setlist Transpose

- Added Master Audio FX Section (Compressor, EQ, Delay and Reverb)
- Mixer Panel with Group Levels and Audio Channels assignments

- General Improvements and Restyling
- New Scene EDIT mode
- Improved Global Menu navigation and categories
- Song management improved with more options when moving or duplicating a Song across multiple Setlists
- Improved Backup Management with Internal Snapshots and Backup to file
- Improved Search for searchable lists

EXTERNAL DEVICES (version 2.7)
- Possibility to manage multiple Devices of same model with Smart Maps
- Custom CC Dictionary for Factory Maps
- Snapshots/Scenes support for Line 6 and Yamaha devices
- Advanced Settings for communication tuning with hardware devices
- NEW Smart Maps: Kurzweil SP6, Kurzweil Artis, Line 6 Helix, Line 6 HX Effects, Line 6 HX Stomp, Line 6 POD Go, Nord Wave 2, RCF M18, Roland RD88.

- Introduced Layout modes: One Page / Two Pages
- Introduced Pagination modes: Single Page / Continuous
- Improved Zoom
- Added page number

- Improved mapping possibilities (i.e. Layers, Items, Backing Tracks Levels)

- Up to 16 Virtual MIDI Inputs and Virtual Midi Outputs (macOS & iOS)
- CPU Optimization (Beta) for Multicore Systems


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