Living Island

Living Island
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1. There are no monsters, monuments and other similar things in the game.

2. You can no longer make a fire or make a basket by simply clicking on the button. Most of the time-consuming survival activities will be presented in the form of small games. These small games have not been abstracted to ensure that you know how to reproduce these operations in real life, including learning to use spinning wheel and loom.

3. The weather is constantly changing, mainly in the wind direction, wind speed, temperature and cloud changes, and shows seasonality. You can check the weather status in the game.

4. In order to better simulate the state of the character, in addition to health, physical strength, food, water and body temperature, comfort is added, which will greatly affect your health and sleep. This means that going out during the hurricane season will be a very unwise decision. You'd better collect enough food during the dry season and use the rainy season to make daily necessities and furniture.

5. There is a simple farming system in the game, it does not require you to water the crops every day, but you need to choose the right season and do some simple protection measures.

6. The plots in the game mainly appear in the form of diaries. It will take about two years in the game to get through most of the content.

In general, this is a casual game that you may die in the middle stage. The plot of the game is adapted from the first half of Robinson Crusoe, but it is not exactly the same. For example, you won't get the whole ship's supplies at the beginning of the game, they will make it too easy to survive; or you won't encounter turtles in the eastern part of the island, for they are now protected animals.


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