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Desktop version of 2015 mobile game.

Imagine you are on your favourite race circuit, tucked low over the tank to reduce drag; you are feeling the speed, your suspension is soaking up the track's imperfections as you flow from apex to apex, the hairs on the back of your neck rise to the of the howl of the engine, the whistle of the chain. You feel alive, invigorated and can imagine the smell of fresh tarmac and unburned racing fuel from the exhaust. Well, that is what this new application can offer you in the virtual world.

This application is not a regular 3d racing game. We use a real footage from real tracks as well as a real-world telemetry from the 2013 World Championship bike.

When you start playing you will find yourself off track much of the time, unless, unless…

...Unless you know (or learn to master) how to steer with the throttle and brakes, how to slide the bike to gain that crucial tenth of a second here and there, how to shift your weight on the bike to maximise the grip of your tyres. That is how the top riders do it. We know how that feels like and we want to share it with you.

Ride QS and mark your top time.

To start with we offer you MoscowRaceway and the R6 Yamaha.


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